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Whoa Nellie College Football is a statistics-based cards & dice football game. The offense has 4 play types and ten different plays/outcomes for each type (40 total). The top 4 ball-carriers and top 6 pass-catchers are included for each team.

Their percentage of carries/receptions are accurate. Their yards per rush/reception are accurate. Inside run/outside run are equally effective. Short passes are easier to complete than long passes. Defenses influence play outcomes, depending on the defensive play call.

QB pass completion rates and interception rates are accurate. Special teams averages are accurate. Shorter FGs are easier to make than longer FGs. Exceptional kick returners are more likely to score a TD than ordinary ones. And then there\’s the \”Whoa Nellie\” card….

The defense decides when to play the \”Whoa Nellie\” card – initiating a possible fumble or a possible long TD. It must be played, but WHEN it’s played is the strategic question!