What is Whoa Nellie College Football?!?


It is a cards & dice simulation of a college football game. Play as a team from this past season or a team from yesteryear!

Four teams come in the base game, so you can create your own playoff with your favorites and/or their rivals!

Want to settle a split National Championship from the past? Just obtain the two teams and play it out yourself! Finally, the what-ifs can be known!

All-Time Teams Now Available!

Combining all-time greats across all eras, you can now play as your favorite school with it’s best players ever! Imagine today’s great QB throwing passes to the top targets from your childhood. Top sack artists and ball-hawks from different decades leading a salty defense! We have started with all-time teams from the top 16 programs…

The 'Base Game' Including Board, Dice, and FOUR Teams of your choosing!!! (from list of available teams)

This is the Base Game and Includes Everything!!!

Get started playing Whoa Nellie College Football with the base game for just $35.

It comes with everything you need to recreate games from the past or to play out your favorite 'what if' matchups!

Take a look around the site, as we offer hundreds of teams and many products to add to your game catalogue. It all starts here, though, with the base game and the 4 teams (of your choosing) that come along with it.

Quick Look at a few Products!!!

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