One Single Team (limit 3)


One team season set.

Choose from our “Teams Available” page.

Specify the team and year at Checkout.


Choose any 1 teams/year you want from the “Teams Available” page.

A team set includes 1 large team card, QB card(s), Kicker card, 7 defense cards, 4 play-call cards, and a resume/defense card.

Also included are 2 solo-play cards:  one for offense and one for defense.

Please specify the team and year you want at Checkout.

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    1. Hi John! I’m not the designer of this game; .. just the guy helping with the webpage. However, the designer (orangeafroman) has set a board up on a very active forum for support of this game. it is located at CFB51, and where you’ll get response and join in other discussions about the game!!! Thank you for your note, Sir!!!

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